Commissions| Encomendas

You may call them plus size, curvy, chubby, fat or simply women. 🙂 They are real women who commissioned exclusive illustrations. Here you will know how I see them. Now they live in my imaginary world. 🙂
Illustration by Edull LJessica Buczkowski by Edull LAna Munhós by EdullCouple by EdullNikki by Edull Pnaomi-by-edullMichelle by Edull PMisty by Edull PLisa by EdullNila by Edull PMermaid Trish by Edull PRegina by Edull MontagemSnow White Batgirl by Edull PChontel by Edull PCheryl by EdullWilde by EdullAriane by EdullMichali Hyams by EdullFabri by Edull PDiana Di Poce by Edull PChristine's Family by Edull FacebookTalitha Vasconcelos by Ediull Facebook 2Mermaid Lena by Edull 2kenya-bradshaw-facebooksherry-by-edull-facebookgwladysnilma-duarte

Edull 🙂

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